The difference between essential oil diffuser and ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

The essential oil diffuser does not need to add water, so it does not have the function of humidifying and moisturizing. The working principle is mainly to compress the air through the air pump, turn the aromatherapy essential oil into nano-sized particles and diffuse it into the air. The function of the essential oil diffuser is to use the scent of aromatic oils to remove the odor of the space or for aromatherapy, to improve the air quality and space fragrance or aroma treatment in the space environment. Because the oil diffuser is a mechanical working principle, the equipment has a certain amount of noise. As long as the control is within the standard range, it will not affect the working and working environment.

Essential oil diffuser

The essential oil diffuser is mainly used in hotels, exhibition halls, shopping malls, banks, office lobby, 4S shops and other large commercial spaces. It can be connected to central air-conditioning and air-conditioning according to the needs of space and fragrance. The air outlet or the coiler performs a space fragrance. 

Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine

The ultrasonic aromatherapy machine uses a high-frequency ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation principle to atomize the aromatherapy essential oil and diffuse it into the air, thereby achieving a fragrance device that improves air quality and helps the body and mind. The material is made of high quality PP material.

Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine

The aromatherapy machine has changed from a single space to the fragrance function: flavoring + humidification. The aroma humidifier decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil into particles with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns and diffuses into the air, filling the air with aroma. Winter is the peak period of the use of aroma humidifier. The use of heating will make the indoor air dry. People will easily have dry lips, dry throat, dry mouth and dry cough; dry skin, nose, out, blood and other "heating dry" symptoms; The aromatherapy humidifier uses a variety of methods to atomize water and pure plant essential oils to maintain a high humidity in the room and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air. At the same time, it can achieve the effect of aromatherapy, which can help treat and treat. It relieves symptoms such as flu, high blood, pressure, and bronchitis; it also plays a protective role in the metabolism of the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human body.

The aromatherapy humidifier is small in volume, and the water volume is about 50ml-1500ml. Just add 3-5 drops of aromatherapy essential oil to the water to achieve the effect of adding fragrance to the space, which is in line with the use of essential oils.

At present, the aromatherapy machine generally has the space to add fragrance and humidification. Its basic functions are:

Soothes stress, health care, purifies the air, whitens the skin, moisturizes and reduces radiation.

Application areas:

Family, hotel rooms, gym, clubhouse, spa, foot bath, beauty salon, office, etc.

Both the essential oil diffuser and the ultrasonic aroma diffuser can be scented with space, but the most obvious difference is “whether or not water is added”. The former does not need to add water, mainly used in hotels, gyms, spas and other commercial places to add fragrance or aromatherapy. The latter can be added with or without water, mainly used in small-scale brand stores, independent small offices or home use, that is, it can carry out the fragrance and odor removal, and can also achieve aromatherapy.

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