The most popular SCENT-E essential oil diffuser, intoxicating space aroma

For centuries, people around the world have been using aromatherapy essential oils, from nobility, religion to civilians. Today, people still use essential oils to improve the space environment and health, including eliminating odors, relaxing and improving sleep. However, due to their high concentration, essential oils are often used in conjunction with essential oil diffusers to spread essential oil particles into the breathing air using an essential oil diffuser.

The use of essential oils to improve mood, increase energy, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve sleep quality has been recognized by odor experts and commercial research institutions. How to maximize the role of essential oils? If the essential oil is applied directly to the skin or ingested, we will feel irritation, and using the essential oil together with the essential oil diffuser will give us a different olfactory effect. This is the basic factor in our use of essential oil diffusers. Now let's introduce you to several SCENT-E essential oil diffusers.

1. Essential oil diffuser SD series

The SD Series of Essential Oil Diffusers uses the world's leading essential oil atomization technology to turn essential oil molecules into nano-sized particles, so that essential oils retain all the original ingredients and maintain the concentration and purity of essential oils.

The essential oil diffuser SD series and the built-in fan diffuse double spread, which makes the fragrance spread faster, the diffusion effect is better, and the fragrance is more durable.

Essential oil diffuser SD series

2. essential oil diffuser W series

The W-series of the essential oil diffuser not only adopts the internationally leading two-fluid normal temperature atomization technology, but also realizes the WIFI connection control function. Download SCENT-E fragrance app, use WIFI to connect the corresponding equipment, you can remotely operate the fragrance machine anytime and anywhere in the mobile phone app, and easily adjust the working time, fragrance concentration, switch and other functions, so that the fragrance machine management work is worry-free, Save time and make operation more convenient.

Home management improves daily management efficiency. The fragrance machine W series adopts family management. The family administrator can invite family members to join the fragrance machine management mode to realize multi-person or multi-machine multi-person adjustment of fragrance concentration and working time in the APP, refreshing the industry fragrance. Machine daily management efficiency.

The essential oil diffuser W series realizes the function of detecting the oil amount with one key. When the “SET” button is touched on the main page, the current state of the oil quantity can be displayed, and the oil change time can be easily grasped.

essential oil diffuser W series

3. fragrance transmission system fragrance machine

The fragrance delivery system of SCENT-E essential oil diffuser products is suitable for large-scale commercial establishments such as shopping malls, airport waiting rooms or exhibition halls.

Its powerful two-fluid atomizing head makes the spreader start fast. The fragrance transmission system uses an oversized essential oil bottle configuration to effectively shorten the oil change frequency.

The fragrance spread system essential oil diffuser adopts the patented technology of SCENT-E body temperature atomization, which not only keeps the aerosol particles suspended in the air to retain all the components of the essential oil, but also spreads the essential oil evenly, does not adsorb, spread well, and has a large fragrance coverage space.

The fragrance spread system fragrance machine is connected to the central air conditioner, and the fragrance can be evenly spread in every corner of the space through the fresh air system.

fragrance transmission system fragrance machine

4. Bluetooth ultrasonic diffuser ST100

Bluetooth ultrasonic diffuser ST100 can realize APP Bluetooth connection, support IOS and Android system functions. Easy to use, easy to operate, worry-free, labor-saving, and more time-saving.

Ultrasonic technology provides a mist and a pleasant aroma for essential oils, creating a calm, relaxing environment that helps you breathe fresher natural odors.

The most popular SCENT-E essential oil diffuser, the intoxicating space aroma, helps hotels, clubs, gyms, branded retail stores and other commercial venues to use a scented scent space to enhance sales and brand speed.

Bluetooth ultrasonic diffuser ST100

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